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    This site contains fictional depictions of nudity, violence, and death.

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VoD Terms of Service

English Only, Please

My native language is English. I don't know any other languages. Therefore, only English is allowed here.

TLDR Version

This is the "Tool Long Didn't Read" version of our ToS. You may limit your time to this section but are encouraged to read and expected to adhere to the entire document.

Prohibited Content

- AI-generated art and stories
- Photo manipulations (Environmental backdrops and HDRI's for 3D renders are allowed)
- Celebrity likenesses
- Copyrighted works by other artists without their consent
- Underage characters (3D-rendered, sketched, painted, or drawn)

Bannable Offenses

There are only three offenses that will get you permanently banned from VoD:

- Being an ass (flame wars, cyber-stalking, etc.)
- Posting child porn or links to it
- Promoting software / content piracy

The above points are explained in detail below. Violations of Prohibited Content will simply result in such content being removed and a painless, proverbial slap on your wrist in private.

Full Version

Forum Etiquette

Freedom of expression is encouraged here, including the occasional, robust discussion of controversial issues. Please remember, this is an art forum, not a debate club. Abuse and harassment, racial intolerance, extreme views from either end of the political spectrum, and sexual or other forms of aggression, will NOT be tolerated. Repeat offenders risk being permanently banned.

Other forms of inappropriate conduct may also lead to membership being revoked without warning.

Supported Content Creation Tools

VoD's primary goal is to offer a place where digital artists who create original, computer-generated, 3D-rendered images can share their work and get meaningful, constructive feedback from peers and viewers. To that end, if apps like Daz Studio, Poser, Blender, et al are in your toolkit and part of your workflow, your work is welcome here. Your kit doesn't have to be limited to those three. They're merely examples for reference.

If you're a traditional artist, we also support the tools of your craft, whether your medium of choice is sketching, drawing, or painting.

AI-Generated Content

We value the human imagination and our own creative ability. Unfortunately, art generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a thing now, and there's no stopping its progress.

In March 2023, the US Copyright office updated its policy regarding this topic. It states that artwork generated by user prompts does not meet the definition of human authorship because prompts function more like instructions to a commissioned artist. They determine what the user wants to see depicted, but the machine determines how those instructions are implementd in its output. In contrast, human-authored artwork featuring AI-generated elements does meet the definition of human authorship.

I've experimented with a few open-source solutions like Stable Diffusion to understand how the technology works and how it might compliment VoD's philosophy. "Prompt engineering" can be used to tell AI what kind of lens, light, and angles to use, and wire-frame models generated from other images can even tell AI what kind of poses to use with image-to-image processing, but users have no granular control over those kinds of details, and no idea what they're going to see until after the results are generated - the machine is still responsible for interpreting those prompts. Therefore, I agree with the Copyright Office's assessment. Using their policy as my guide, I've established the following rules:

AI-generated art and stories are prohibited.

Human-authored artwork featuring AI-generated elements is allowed.

AI-generated elements may include things like pictures on a wall and materials for custom Daz or Poser characters. See the images below for an example. The image on the left was generated by Stable Diffusion:

If you're struggling to find your creative voice, we're happy to help you achieve whatever artistic goals you'd like to reach.

Photo Manipulations

By and large, photo manipulations are prohibited.

If the base image is a photograph to which the artist does not own the copyright, and they have then simply added something like a noose to the image, then the image is not allowed.

If the majority of the image is the artist's, then the image is allowed. If, for example, the base image is a 3D render created by the artist who has then added some photographic elements to it, then the image is allowed.

If the base image is a royalty-free photograph of an environment which the artist has used as a backdrop for a 3D-rendered scene, the image is allowed. This includes HDRI's. Crediting the source of photographed environments is strongly encouraged when possible, but not required.*

* If I receive a take-down request from anyone who claims ownership of a photographed backdrop, the image will be removed.

** Photographed backdrops must not include real people.

These are not legal definitions of whether photo manipulations are acceptable, but my own criteria. If you're not sure, please contact me before posting.

Celebrity Likenesses

Because of the adult nature of this site, the use of celebrity likenesses without their consent is a violation of their publicity rights and is therefore prohibited.


Advertising sites containing material related to visual art is allowed, as is advertising other types of art sites. If you've come here just to advertise your site, and not to contribute in other ways, then you are not welcome here. If you're simply advertising porn sites with no artistic merit, then your post will be removed. Fetish video producers are prohibited from advertising here.

External Links

VoD may provide links to third-party websites or resources. You acknowledge and agree that PiP is not responsible or liable for the availability or accuracy of such websites or resources, or the content, products, or services on or available from such websites or resources. Links to such websites or resources do not imply any endorsement by PiP of such websites or resources or the content, products, or services available from such websites or resources. You acknowledge sole responsibility for and assume all risk arising from your use of any such websites or resources.

Software Piracy and Content Theft

Piracy is theft, pure and simple. Members caught contributing to the illegal and immoral practice of re-distributing commercial models or texture sets, whether in the capacity of providers or as consumers, and whether or not they are profiting from it personally, will be immediately banned. The same goes for people advocating or advertising any form of software theft.


Artists who share their work here retain the legal copyright to their work. It is immaterial that this is a free site - their work must not be posted elsewhere without the artist's permission.

Similarly, members may not post images by other artists, or claim them as their own (either explicitly or implicitly). Making some small changes to the source image (such as removing the true artist's signature and replacing it with a new one) does NOT make the image the property of the member.

Members may post text-only links to images by other artists on external sites for the purpose of discussing said images. Such posts are restricted to the Café.

The Galleries are reserved for original member artwork. Members may post text-only links to images by other artists on external sites in the Galleries for the purpose of comparing their own, inspired work to said images. Any links must be accompanied by the member's own work.


Images of Minors

Here in the US, the legal age of adulthood is 18. Anyone under 18 is a minor. United States Code states that digital or computer generated images that are indistinguishable from an actual minor are illegal. That is the legal definition that we follow here.

With that in mind, there is only one cardinal rule: Depictions of minors in any context are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Images that involve child nudity are categorically prohibited, and any attempt to post, or link to child pornography will result in an immediate and permanent ban, with no appeal.

All artists must ensure that figures used in their work look at least 18. It is not enough to claim they are 18. They must also look 18.

Please note that fairies, pixies, elves, and other human-like creatures will be assessed as if they were human, and must also appear to be 18 years or over.

Minors Referenced in Text

Similarly, any ages of participants specifically mentioned in text accompanying images, where sexual activity or extreme peril is involved, must be 18 or over.


It may be illegal for you to post, view, or be "in possession of", certain types of subject matter, including bestiality or fantasy snuff, depending on your location and any applicable laws. It is your responsibility to find out the exact legal position that applies to you in this regard. As a viewer you may encounter both types of image here, along with other extreme content, including BDSM, torture, and similar subjects. If such content is not your cup of tea, or if you are at all worried about the legal implications of being inadvertently exposed to such material, then please do not join the site. If you have already joined the site and discover that the content is not to your liking then please leave and ask for your membership to be terminated. I will ensure that all relevant user data is deleted.